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Accelerated Mobile Pages

When you open a website you see the website is loading some time slow and sometimes fast, If your website is the fastest loading and most optimized then Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the Solution. an important feature of AMP Pages loads fast and increase visitor number and conversion rates.

What is AMP Pages

AMP is a Google Search Engine supported the project by using this speeding up the delivery of content, with the use of code that is known as AMP HTML. AMP is a technique to build web pages for static content that allows the pages to load faster than regular HTML.

The AMP project uses an open-source framework, which means that it can be applied by a whole host of other companies to serve content that’s been built using AMP HTML.

amp pages

How exactly does AMP work?

Google has put together a great quick start guide for developers that goes through all the necessary steps. Not remarkably, AMP HTML specifications are pretty strict. There are also a ton of limitations regarding on-page advertising. Make sure to follow these rules and then validate for publication.

So why should marketers care about AMP?

Firstly, AMP will help to make your customers happy any time they are interacting together with your content over a mobile device. And that’s huge. It also helps sites become more mobile helpful, which can be especially important today that Google has thrown out its Mobile-First list. Remember that major elements that could affect your site’s ranking are quick to load times and a much better mobile user experience.

Though AMP pages aren’t officially a Google ranking factor, it may be something we have to pay interest to. Because even in case it isn’t really a ranking factor, it still has typically the potential to get your own business to the top of the SERP. In addition to again, it has particular potential for making your clients have better knowledge.

Measuring AMP page efficiency

Once you begin establishing AMP pages, it is usually important to measure their particular performance. Unfortunately, you can’t measure AMP performance making use of the default tracking computer code for Google Analytics or perhaps Adobe Omniture. A unique AMP tracking code requirements to be appended in order to the code of your site.

In Conductor Searchlight, you can see which of your respective results are exhibited as AMP on mobile search. Identifying where your AMP pages appear may help you track your current successes or shortcomings together with AMP. Likewise, you can track your competitors’ AMPLIFYING DEVICE pages to address your current strategy accordingly.

Should We use AMP for my website?

At this level, the choice to introduce AMP ought to be evaluated on a new case-by-case basis. If a person are already a Director Searchlight user, you may actually operate a content sort report and see how several of your keyword Search results feature carousels. That could help is made an educated decision about whether establishing AMP pages is an excellent share of resources.

Limitations of AMP

AMP CODE is designed to improve both the speed and readability of content, that means the code used is heavily stripped-down. Thus, there are some visual restrictions on the approach, which are as follows:

  • No JavaScript will be allowed other than an off-the-shelf AMPLIFYING DEVICE library.
  • Images will only load when you scroll into them (Load slowly).
  • A streamlined version of your CSS will be expected.
  • You can read more about the specialized requirements for AMP HTML CODE here.

What can I actually do to prepare?

If you’re a regular blogger by using a CMS such as WordPress, then you’ll want AMP to be an integral part of your publishing strategy in the future. Fundamentally, to increase your presence in Google’s mobile results, you’ll need to create AMP versions of your content. WordPress have already an AMP plugin available, which can dynamically generate AMPLIFYING DEVICE compatible versions of the posts on a WordPress site.

If you’re a publisher using another CMS or considering building a custom CMS, then you should certainly consider including AMP functionality into your site as soon as possible.

Why should I proper care about AMP?

If users are coming to your site primarily to read content from your website/news section, then this is a clear opportunity that you can get a head start in Google’s mobile results by creating AMP versions of your content earlier to Google incorporating AMPLIFYING DEVICE into their results this February.

For example, let’s imagine there are 3 different sites serving 3 how-to guides on a single topic, and only one of the sites is serving an AMP version of that content. Inside cases like this, it appears that the AMP version would seem above the regular results.