What Is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is the subfield of machine learning. It has algorithms that are influenced by the structure and function of the human brain. In deep learning, machines learn by themselves and perform the activities as humans by imitating the human brain. Deep learning technic teaches the computers to perform the activities comes from humans.
This technology can drive the cars without drivers and it will handle the voice control of electronic devices like phones, TVs, tablets and handsfree speakers. In Deep learning technology, computers learn to perform directly from images, text, and sound.it maintains accuracy. we can find exceeding the accuracy of human-level performance.

why deep learning is significant?

in fact, the reasons considered deep learning is significant. Accuracy is the main key role for deep learning to keep it’s a level higher ever before. It helps customer’s electronics to perform their expectations and it highly prioritizes for security and critical applications.
Deep learning was theorized in the 1980s but why it came useful so late, read the below lines…
1. Actually, Deep learning works on labeled data.it needs a large amount of data. for example, if it performs driving the car without human, it must need millions of images and million hours of video.
2. Deep learning should have computing power like high-performance GPUs they should efficient to Deep learning.

Deep learning uses at work

Many Industries are using Deep learning technology services from Medical devices to Driving.
1.Automated Driving: Deep learning using in Automotive field. Automotive experts using it to detect stop signs, traffic signals, pedestrians.
2.Aerospace and Defence: Deep learning is used in Defense and Aerospace by detecting objects from the satellites,
detecting safe and unsafe jones for armed forces.
3.Medical Research: Deep learning is used in Medical industries to automatically detecting the cancer cells to accurately identify the cancer cells Deep learning is set to an advanced microscope at UCLA is a highly dimensional data set.
4.Industrial: In the Industrial segment, Deep learning is used to detecting the objects automatically near the work zone area when workers are working.
5.Electronics: Deep learning is being used in electronic devices to performs functions like hearing and speech translation. Home assistance devices to respond for the voice and object presence. These applications are powered by Deep learning.

How Deep learning works?

Image credit: Datanami

Mostly deep learning works depending on neural network architectures. In deep learning, there is a number of hidden layers in the neural networks. when comparing the traditional neural networks has only 2-3 hidden layers deep learning has 150. Large amounts of labeled data and neural network architectures will learn the features directly without any manual feature extraction. Deep learning uses a neural network to imitate human intelligence.
The neural network has an input layer, a hidden layer, and output layer. the input layer will receive the data, the hidden layer will perform mathematical computations and the output layer will give the output data.