The outbreak of COVID-19 has infected almost 400,000 people and more than 18,000 deaths around the world along with bringing a global economic slowdown thereby COVID-19 bringing a challenging test for humanity.

Almost every part of the world today is locked down with either no or minimal activity. COVID-19 does not discriminates between rich and poor. Neither it discriminates between Europe, US, Middle East, Asia, or African countries or be it any part of the world. The idea is very clear disaster can take place from any part of the world and it can engulf the entire world without discrimination.

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Of late we have seen the world moving around the common terminology racism and protectionism. I am not here to comment who started and why and all other sorts of political discussion. But the point that I want to emphasis is that during this lock down period of COVID-19, all such thought process of so called terminology racism and protectionism does not help when it comes to the point of mankind and human existence.
The best part that I can see now is that almost entire world has come together as a family and everyone thinking of how to get rid of this COVID-19.
Things were very bad in the Wuhan cities of China till last month where Chinese streets were empty and deserted shopping malls which was almost like a glimpse of the future for India, Europe and North America and many parts of the world where lock downs are quickly expanding.
New lessons are emerging from China even at this stage in the life cycle of the Covid-19 pandemic as to how we can cope with the social and commercial disruptions of this kind through the implementations of digital technology. Digitally enables delivery systems and consumer comfort with the online world is the two factors that we see have contributed to remarkable show of resilience.
Digitally Enabled Delivery Systems: The digitally enabled delivery system in China has enabled groceries and other items purchased online to be delivered to home within as little as 20 minutes following purchase. Until and unless you deploy digital technology at large, digitally enabled delivery systems with such a low turnaround is not possible. We at Bitsenze enables you to adopt digitally enables delivery systems.

Your eCommerce website needs to have an end to end solutions right enabling your customers to purchase online as well enable digitally enabled delivery systems. Our smart eCommerce solutions enables you to have an eCommerce solutions developed along with augment your eCommerce solution with the ERP solutions to enable you a faster delivery mechanism, maintain your warehouse and inventory etc.
COVID-19 is a wake up call for everyone to move on to the next level of ERP solutions where even such a lock down period you are able to do your business with little or no hiccups.