Digital marketing is playing an important roles in today’s world. But the basic question lies that is the digital marketing agencies are providing the right solutions for your requirement.

Recently I was looking for digital marketers and during the course of search I got in touch with at least 50+ agencies. There were hardly 3-4 agencies which I liked to be associated with, but I have to take a backward foot as there prices were very high and beyond my spending capacity. By and large during the course of search, I was not able to find the right agencies due to some or the other reasons.

The most important aspect for you to understand is what is all that I was looking forward during my search. I was looking for such an agency which is going to provide me facts based result set which is measurable. However most of the peoples never committed me with result set and always provided an answer which cannot be measured.

The real challenge is how your digital marketing agency is going to provide you committed result set which is measurable. Why cannot we engage digital marketing agency where we create parameters for measurement and over a period of time measure the performance as per the agreed parameter.

I also agree to the fact that it is very difficult to commit ion terms of the leads that would be generated as per the digital marketing activity. But at the same time it is also true from the customers point of view as what is the return on investment(ROI) over the money spent as a part of the digital marketing activity.

On a very broad level what I think any digital marketing agency performance should measured on the following basic parameters as stated below:

  1. Reachability
  2. Accessibility and finally
  3. Convertibility

By reachability we mean to say as a part of your digital marketing activity what is the coverage that you had been able to achieve. Means to say to how many number of customers you had been able to show your presence.

The success to accessibility majorly depends upon the reachability aspects as well how you are able to connect to your customers when they wanted to connect you. This is what is called as accessibility.

And finally once the reachability and accessibility is implemented properly, leads would be generated for your business and the more number of leads getting generated greater is the chances of leads being converted to sales.

In order to achieve these steps you have multiple ways to implement it through digital marketing channels. Bitsenze enables you to provide a complete digital marketing solutions which are defined and measurable. Book an appointment with us today by sending and email at