Let me read it like this that you have built an eCommerce website but it does not fetches the required revenue as per your expectation or you are not even able to get even a single sales from your website and now you feel that your money is all waste.

If I am able to read it correctly let me explain you few basics for building an eCommerce website. The solution that I am going to provide is primarily for the small and medium scale business and not for eCommerce giants like Amazon or Flip kart.

Let’s asks few basic questions to answer to your question:

  • What is the nature of your business?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who are your target customer?

I understand that the first question can be answered straight away while the new two questions requires more research to answer them appropriately. Understanding of your business domain is the baseline to make your online business successful.

The next part that comes up is the technical implementation of your eCommerce website.

When it comes to technical implementation you need to consider multiple things into account. Few of them are stated as below:

  • What is the underlying technology used for the development of your eCommerce website.
  • How is the look and feel of your web store?
  • How user friendly is your web store. Is it something that people can get to the items straight away for the purchase of items?
  • What is the performance of your eCommerce web store? This means to say how fast is the response time of your web store.
  • How easy it is to navigate to the various sections of your website.
  • Are you able to run any business campaigns from your website like providing any discounts, coupons etc?
  • What is the shipping method implemented with your eCommerce website. Is it that your customers are able to view and track the delivery of their items purchased in real time.
  • Do you have the required support established for your eCommerce website wherein the customers can reach you as and when required? We understand that this adds to your cost of operations but you can have an alternate means of providing support though BOTS

Consider implementing these basics on your eCommerce website and things would improve.

Now after implementing of these basics, you need to have something more. You need to ensure that your online presence is known to the people at large. For this you need to have the complete digital marketing activity implemented. Complete digital marketing when we say, you need to have a step by step approach in implementing the digital marketing solution. Do not rush things to get all the things implemented at one go. It see the result as a part of the implementation of digital marketing activity you need to wait and watch for at least 3-4 months to get the desired results. You need to continuously work with your digital solution provider to get the things moving. Online business is cost effective and easy to implement but getting success if time consuming and requires lots of smart and hard work to make it successful. Bitsenze.com is not only a digital solution provider for your online business but it actually partners with you to make your online business successful. Book an appointment with our Business Analysts and let’s discuss over the coffee table to understand more in details. You may get in touch with us by simple mail us at contacts@bitsenze.com

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