Bitsenze Infoedge Quality Policy


We are committed to providing top of the line quality software that falls in line with the scope of requirements of our customer within the agreed timeline.

We are constantly working towards the improvement of our existing protocols and processes, standard of our products and services in order to provide the highest levels of customer’s satisfaction.

We strive to safeguard our customers, employees, investors and suppliers interest towards achieving business common objectives.

  • We are committed to providing you with the best quality level of services possible within the agreed Cost and provided Timeframe.
  • We continually track the customer satisfaction level index through various measures as a part of our continuous improvement process.
  • Our project delivery follows a defined project management methodology coupled with standard quality control processes enabling us to deliver your project in a controlled manner enabling you to get the required deliverable as per the agreed timelines, budget and quality deliverable.
  • Internal audit is conducted in a timely manner by an independent third party system to ensure that the projects delivered are as per the quality standard. Any non-compliance raised during the audits are redressed and resolved within the fixed timelines.
  • We strongly believe in continuous improvement process and the quality team ensures that we keep on maturing on each and identified processes.
  • We continually work towards yielding higher market returns all your investments.
  • Your investments are safe and secure.
  • Our shareholders are the strengths of our organization. They enable us to venture into developing new solutions and embarking on new projects. Our objective still remains meeting our shareholder’s satisfaction.
  • We continually work towards building shareholders confidence by ensuring transparent mechanisms are implemented as a part of our company’s operations. This allows our shareholders to provide valuable feedback.
  • We believe employees are the strengths of any organization in realizing the company objectives.
  • At BST every employee is treated equally and with respect.
  • We engage in continuous capacity building activities through proper training of our employees in order for them to be in tune with the latest technological developments.
  • We ensure that innovative minds are allowed to experiment and fulfill their creative ambitions. Innovators win at BST.
  • Regular appraisal systems ensure that you are appraised as per the industry standard.
  • Supplier satisfaction index is calculated to ensure that our suppliers are treated as partners in the overall growth of the company.
  • We ensure that your pay-outs are met as per the agreed timelines.
  • We ensure that the supplied items/ services are as per the agreed quality standards.
  • We value all our relationships and look forward to long terms partnerships.

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