I would say that this problem is not limited to your organization. Many of the organizations has spent thousands of dollars for the implementation of various customer relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) solutions but they have not been able to achieve the objective for implementation of the required software solutions.

Have you really tried to find out the reason for non acceptability of the CRM and ERP solutions within your organization. The probable answer that would come up is the your employees are hesitant to use the CRM/ERP systems due to administrative issues. How to solve these administrative issues where the mindset of the people is simply to ignore the CRM.

To a certain extent I would say your concerns are valid. However by and large the major issue is still not unaddressed which you need to look into seriously to get the CRM/ERP solutions implemented.

Let’ ask few of the questions:

  1. Do your people is required to fill many information from the Tool? In most of the cases your employees are asked to fill multiple fields which can be ignored. Entering data as a data entry operator simply looses its value and hence people simply finds multiple ways or excuses to not to use the system which finally results in organizations objectives not getting achieved in one or the other way. There has to be a mix and match solutions both in terms of technical implementation as well as strategic planning.
  2. Is your CRM/ERP too slow to use. Most of the times you would see that after spending your effort in imputing the data, it really takes huge time to go to the next level of CRM. Simply stated the response time is too slow to respond to the user experience. Your technical team will always have some or the other reasons for slowness of the CRM like the technology framework used etc. However the real concerns never gets resolved and slowly the people starts moving away from the CRM at much higher rate.
  3. Your sales and marketing team will continuously keep on complaining you that we are not so technical and hence its very difficult to use the CRM. So comes the point whether your CRM is usable.
  4. The complex nature of work flow usually tends the people at large to be away from the CRM

We have discussed a lot for the problem set of not using the CRM/ERP system. But again what is the way forward. Is there really no solutions to it?

Wait do not rush to the conclusion. We have implemented CRM/ERP solutions to many of the organizations where there was an administrative issues along with the technical issue. Solving these types of problem are multi fold and have to be taken care of with utmost care and step wise fashion. We do provide you the right CRM solutions custom developed to meet your requirement enabling successful implementation of the software solutions in a phase wise manner. We enable our solutions in such a manner that the people within the organization become used to the system and gradually the acceptability of the solution is not considered as an hindrance within the employees. Or CRM/ERP architects designs the solutions in such a manner that maximum coverage is taken care of in 360 degree approach.

You have multiple CRM readily available in the market like Sugrar CRM, Vtiger few of the popular open source solutions. You as an architect need to understand what is and how and where the maximum benefits can be derived from these open source solutions. For further discussion, lets book an appointment by email us at contacts@bitsenze.com


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