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At Bitsenze, before any application, whether iOS or Android operating system based or any web development is deployed, they undergo a rigorous systematic process whereby our product or service is checked to determine if it meets all the clients specified requirement s and more. We test for workflow gaps, Verify and double check calculations, scrutinize visual displays and verify alerts that restrict actions.


Our tested and trusted quality assurance systems establish and maintains set standards for developing or manufacturing all our products and services. Our sole aim at Bitsenze with our revolutionary and up to date testing and QA system is to increase our customer confidence and foster a lasting image of credibility, while also improving work processes and efficiency.
There are a variety of sample types for testing, the two major ones being black and white box sample testing. We offer various testing services related to these types some of which are, Functional testing, Control flow testing, Data flow testing, Branch testing, Statement coverage, Decision coverage, Modified condition/decision coverage, Prime path testing, Path testing regression testing, systems testing, testing at the code level to check the quality of codes. We also offer automation testing services, in which we use a third party application to implement the entire lifecycle of software. It takes less time compared to the other techniques and it can also be used to test application load, stress POV and its performance. Selenium is our most preferred tool for undergoing automated testing.
We use the top of the line standards of quality, our information technology security systems team boasts of a variety certification from the ISO 27001, the highest CMMI certification (level 5) focused on continuous process improvement. We also have PCI, DSS certifications amongst others. We take the best practices of our certifications and discard unnecessary procedures to provide the best quality as this is always our goal at Bitsenze.
Although the concept of testing and QA was a formalized practice started in the manufacturing industry, we have fully adopted it in Bitsenze in order to continue satisfying you our customers. All our products undergo various tests like Document test preconditions, execution steps, expected results, priorities, and effort estimates and more.

Technology Stack

Functional Testing Tools
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Katalon Studio

Load Testing Tools
  • Jmeter
  • HP LoadRunner

Security Testing Tools
  • Burp Suite
  • Zap Proxy
  • SQL Map