There are several, many types of websites you can create, not merely blogs. Here are a few of such to help get you going and determine things out for your following online project:

1.Product reviews and buying guides

This sort of content helps people inside their process of purchasing items of all kinds. From short products reviews to whole buying guides, you can checklist information, comments and views about this which item, that might help consumers make a decision.

2.General eCommerce store with lots of products

This can be a kind of online grocery store, where shoppers can find just about everything they need. Even though it’s a complex process to create a basic eCommerce store, building such an online site can also be rewarding.

3.Niche eCommerce store, which sells just 1 or 2 products and often has a single landing page

If a general eCommerce store is too complex to build, you can give attention to creating a niche eCommerce store. You can sell just 1 or 2 products and concentrate your time and effort on increasing sales on their behalf.


Within a blog, you’re free to write just about everything you want. If it is a personal blog, then you could tackle hobbies, or whatever is of interest to you.

5.Sites with user-generated content, such as or forums

Another choice is to build a website that’s destined to collect a community of individuals sharing the same interests. You will moderate comments and increase your community as new subject areas are included and new invitations to lead are published.

6.Interactive websites, such as psychology tests or other such sites

Individuals like psychology tests. They will like interactivity, after all. You may want to try your palm at building such an online site and help people uncover new things about themselves.

7.Content or news aggregators

Do you need your website to be a news catalyzer and make it a one-stop point for users browsing to get informed? Then, content/news aggregators might be just the website type you want to choose.

8.CV / Resume or Portfolio website

A new Resume/portfolio website should serve as a recommendation for your skills in a specific area. You can include passing and current projects, and a description of your academic and professional background

9.Joke or novelty website

You can choose to entertain users and create an online site just for fun. You can also astonish visitors with piping-hot novelties.

Content Ideas for Your Website


Employing newsletters as your main form of content, you do a great service to the users. You get worse up-to-date information and change it into an information hub people will want to get driven to. As news (on any topic) are so imprudence in the digital world, they are more than content to find them gathered into one single place: your website. This reduces the need for research and eases their life. Quicker or later, you will end up rewarded for your initiative.

Buyer’s Guides

Although intended for those that will obtain a product/service, a buyer’s guide belongs rather to the “I-want-to-know” category. It is designed with the users’ needs in mind, specifically their need to be informed, before going further to the buying cycle. A buyer’s guide will tell them things to consider before a purchase is completed, what aspects to take into consideration, what to be careful at and what product characteristics to search for.

Product Reviews

Product critiques also fall into the category “I-want-to-know”. One selects to read a product or service review way before he/she forces the “Buy” button. Merchandise reviews are useful as they help users stay current create more knowledgeable buying decisions. If they study several reviews of one product, they can build an idea of the quality standards that the product meets. Moreover, if they study reviews of similar products, they can make comparisons, and turn towards the best choice (be it quality/price ratio, high quality, low price, etc.

Recipes and diets

Websites containing recipes and diets go into details about meal ingredients or foods to eat over a diet. This concerns an extensive greater part of folks who want to get slim and stay fit or eat healthily.
See Eatingwell. com website for examples.


Check-lists gather users’ needs both to know and do, under the same patio umbrella. By giving checklists, you’ll give visitors actionable plans to follow, to obtain good results in their work. At the. g. an SEO directory guides the users through different areas that should be checked for thorough SEO analysis. This kind of checklist accompanies users in gaining hands-on experience in their area of interest, merging theory and practice in a helpful way.

Best Practices

Much like sites with tips and tricks, sites containing best practices in a certain area are welcome both for the informational side and then for the practical side of the articles. The difference stays in how elaborate the details are, as the information is developed in a more professional way, and it spans a larger area of experience from people active in an area. y and practice in a good way.

Opinion pieces

You may make some news and present them your proper way. Additionally, you can add your own thoughts and opinions about a certain event and invite to further conversations about the subject. Typically the goal is to convey unique, personal opinions that are a good starting point for debate.

Why pieces

There ought to be an explanation for anything. But which one? How’s water boiling at one hundred degrees, or why people yawn without warning? People want to know interesting things, even if they have no immediate practicality. The only thing that concerns is usually that the information can be useful “at some point”. Write about some of them and you’ll reduce the number of no-answer questions of web browsers. This should be humorous and rewarding at the same time.

Industry news – facts and opinions

Just in case you want to position yourself as a possible expert in an industry you are energetic in, showcasing industry news and attaching proper thoughts about them should be more than valuable. Business peers will find such information useful and help you increase your brand continuously.

Influencer interviews

Just in case you want to position yourself being an expert in an industry you are living in, showcasing industry reports and attaching proper thoughts about them should be more than valuable. Business peers will find such information useful and help you grow your brand gradually.